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Singer, songwriter Moana (that is her real name, sorry Disney) grew up on a sailboat in Saint Martin. She graduated from Berklee College of Music summa cum laude in 2011. Her first solo, original album “dotted” was crowdfunded via IndieGogo in 2013, and followed by an endorsement deal with Daisy Rock Guitars. Based in LA, she regularly makes time to tour the world: Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, India, the Mediterranean region, the Caribbean, and all over the USA. In 2020, she started releasing her own music again after years behind the scenes. Her music has been synced in an ad for the Super Bowl for the NFL, and her singing and songwriting credits include Netflix, Disney Parks, Domino's Pizza, Renault, The CW, The SIMS, Arknights, Hulu, MTV, FreeForm, Oxygen, Lux, Ora2, TouchFocus, TBC Japan, and more. When she is not doing recording studio session-or-songwriting work, she teaches music and coaches singers. She has taught Vocal Technique, Sight Singing, Piano, Songwriting, Music Theory, and Artist Development/Business at California College of Music, Berklee City Music Program, French Conservatory of Music (Beverly Hills), SAM (India), and many more. 

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