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MoAnanda is split in two. Again and again.

Moana and Ananda. Tails and heads. 

On one side, Moana: singer/songwriter born and raised in Saint Martin

and Berklee summa cum laude alumna.

She received quite a bit of press (full list on press kit tab) this year with her solo project,

especially following a couple of sync placements in TV shows and ads.


On the flip side: Ananda, guitarist/bassist/producer/mixing-engineer from India,

and Musicians Institute Hollywood graduate. With reviews of his solo project in such publications as Rolling Stone, he has performed at noteworthy events including

the Amazon Fashion Week and a nationwide campaign for Sprite in India. 


The two began collaborating during one of Moana’s many musical expeditions,

which led her to teach at a music college in India. After performing on the cruise ship Celebrity Infinity in the summer of 2019 as the acoustic duo, Moana and Ananda joined forces in Los Angeles.


Like two sides of the same coin, their dualistic nature is illustrated in their sound. 

On one hand is a light, emotional, acoustic duo, filled with harmonies

Flip the coin and you get hard-hitting synth bass, belted vocals and saturated guitars

The future is looking bright for the duo, with a plethora of new songs coming out in 2021, and… maybe… some not-yet-announced sync placements (you didn’t hear this from us—hush hush!)



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