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Wild Card

I won’t close my mouth, my eyes, my heart

I’m a lady, but that’s not all
Not on display, I’m not a doll,
I am loud, boy, I’m a scandal
Uh huh

Don’t fall in line, don’t fit the mold
I am big and I am bold
I’m blowing hot, I’m blowing cold
I’m too much for you to handle

(Uh huh) No, I cannot be tamed
(Uh huh) I won’t be kept in chains
(Uh huh) Oh I can’t be contained
Uh huh
(Uh huh) My throne I have reclaimed

(Uh huh) And now I hold the reins
(Uh huh) No diamonds, hearts, or spades

I’m a wild card

I won’t play nice, I won’t think twice

I make the rules, I roll the dice

Nobody else dictates my life
Don’t want your help or your advice

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